Book Review: The Last Real Crime

Title: The Last Real Crime (The Disappearance of Charlotte Walters #2) Author: L.C. Warman Narrator: Brooke Myers Link: Summary It’s been four days, and 17-year-old Reese Elderwood still has no idea what happened to her missing best friend, Charlotte Walters. Charlotte disappeared at her own house on a Saturday night, in the middle ofContinue reading “Book Review: The Last Real Crime”

Book Review: Monster

Title: Monster Author: S. E. Green Narrator: Susan Marlowe Link: Summary It takes a survivor to know a madman. When the police need to crawl inside the mind of a monster, they call Caroline. As a child, Caroline was abducted along with her twin sister. For over a year, their captor forced them toContinue reading “Book Review: Monster”

Book Review: Hidden Secrets

Title: Hidden Secrets (Whispering Pines Mysteries #4) Author: Shawn McGuire Link: Summary What would you do to save yourself? In the village where “all are welcome and those in need may stay” long-buried secrets keep rising to the surface. With renovations on the house finally complete, Jayne and Tripp are ready to open theirContinue reading “Book Review: Hidden Secrets”

Book Review: Lucky Number Thirteen

Title: Lucky Number Thirteen Link: Author: Colyer Jameson Summary: Veteran NYC cabbie Demyan Rutzneighov accepts his lot in life, but in the city that never sleeps, a “hard day’s night” can LITERALLY be murder — random drivers are turning up dead. The killer has had NYPD chasing a ghost since 2004, and Rutzneighov fearsContinue reading “Book Review: Lucky Number Thirteen”