Book Review: Ghosts of Lock Tower

Title: Ghosts of Lock Tower (The Abby Renshaw Supernatural Mysteries #3) Author: Jack Massa Link:   Summary A haunted tower, an evil ghost, a monster spawned from a meme After graduating high school Abby returns to Harmony Springs, her spiritual home. She plans to reconnect with friends, take one college class over the summer—andContinue reading “Book Review: Ghosts of Lock Tower”

Book Review: No Cure for Murder

Title: No Cure For Murder (Brier Hospital #2) Author: Lawrence W. Gold Narrator: Laura Copland Link:     Summary Death at Brier Hospital is routine and provides the perfect opportunity to murder and get away with it. Jacob Weizman, a physician, and his wife, Lola, a psychotherapist, are Holocaust survivors and need no proofContinue reading “Book Review: No Cure for Murder”

Book Review: The First Cut

Title: The First Cut (Doctors of Darkness #3) Author: Ellery A. Kane Narrator: Kristin James Link:   Summary There’s a thin line between love and murder.  When “Love Doctors” Ian and Kate Culpepper are brutally murdered in their Carmel mansion on Valentine’s Day, Ava knows it’s karma. Because Ian’s leaving her for perfect KateContinue reading “Book Review: The First Cut”

Book Review: Traitor

Title: Traitor (Versatile Layer #6) Author: Thomas Davis Link: Summary Captain Jacob Takeda has vanished! When a surprise Arez attack occurs within the colonies, Captain Takeda is suspected in aiding in the vile massacre. Samantha Hawkins has vowed to find her missing comrade and determine the truth for herself. She is aided by herContinue reading “Book Review: Traitor”

Book Review: My Sister is Missing

Title: My Sister is Missing Author: Carissa Ann Lynch Narrator: Kelly Burke Link: Summary A 22-year-old local mystery that has never been solved. A bone-chilling VHS tape depicting a horrific crime. Neighbours with something to hide. And a sister who is missing. Emily has to find out the truth. But is her sister MadelineContinue reading “Book Review: My Sister is Missing”

Book Review: The Doll Maker

Title: The Doll Maker: A Detective Sophie Whitton Story Author: Claire Highton-Stevenson Narrator: Fiona Thraille Link: Summary A body turns up in a field. She’s blonde and her eyes have been gouged out. DI Sophie Whitton knows it’s him – The man the press has dubbed: The doll maker. Whitton and her team mustContinue reading “Book Review: The Doll Maker”

Book Review: Heir of Ra

Title: Heir of Ra (Blood of Ra #1) Author: M. Sasinowski Link: Summary #1 AMAZON INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER (Fantasy) 2019 American Fiction Award Winner (Adventure) 2019 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Winner (Best New Voice: Fiction) 2019 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner (Adventure) 2018 Beverly Hills Book Award Winner (Action/Adventure) “One of the best conceived andContinue reading “Book Review: Heir of Ra”

Book Review: Missing and Presumed Dead

Title: Missing and Presumed Dead (A Chandler County Novel) Author: Cherime MacFarlane Link: Summary A Chandler County NovelGrant remembered waking in a hospital bed with Crystal’s hand on his forehead. And no matter how hard he begged, the girl said she must leave. She needed to get away from her father and couldn’t stayContinue reading “Book Review: Missing and Presumed Dead”

Book Review: The Serenity Murder

Title: The Serenity Murder (A Luca Mystery Crime Thriller #3) Author: Dan Petrosini Narrator: Peter Lerman Link: Summary All that serenity was broken by human behavior gone off the rails. Philanthropist Marilyn Boggs, is murdered on her private island near Naples.  Though irresponsible and spoiled, Marilyn was a pillar of the community. Who’d wantContinue reading “Book Review: The Serenity Murder”