Book Review: Time to Live

Title: Time to Live (Inheritance of Time #1) Author: Jordan Elizabeth Narrator: Emily H. Gilson Link: Summary A witch’s magical orbs. Clan Wars that have lasted centuries. A heritage shrouded in secrecy. Welcome to 17-year-old Banon Andreeta’s world. Banon is a child of Clan Genae and can do things most people can’t. Which mightContinue reading “Book Review: Time to Live”

An Excerpt of Dungeons and Demons

Those of you who have been with me for a while have heard mention of the Halloween boxset that I’m part of, so this announcement will only be half new to you guys. For those of you who are new to me, a quick catch-up. This Halloween, I’m going to be just one of 19Continue reading “An Excerpt of Dungeons and Demons”

Book Review: Cysgodion

Title: Cysgodion (Diaries of the Cwn Annwn #7) Author: Jo Pilsworth Link: Summary Casimir Gosselin. If Fane was bad, Casimir was well beyond that. A psychopath and barely leashed by his sire, the Alpha of the Gosselin Pack. If there was one thing on which both the Cwn Annwn and the Anghelescu Hellhounds knew,Continue reading “Book Review: Cysgodion”

Book Review: The Grand Tour

Title: The Grand Tour (A Jackson’s Unreal Circus & Marmalade Collection) Author: E. Catherine Tobler Link: Summary Step right up! Come one, come all, to Jackson’s Unreal Circus and Mobile Marmalade. The steam train may look older than your great-grandmother’s’ china, but within her metal corridors are destinations you have only ever dreamed. They’reContinue reading “Book Review: The Grand Tour”

Book Review: Castle of Blue Stones

Title: Castle of Blue Stones Author: Jordan Elizabeth Narrator: Jennifer Blom Link: Summary Volcanic ash has ruined the world and only remote outposts remain. At the castle in the mountains, covered by snow, everyone only sees shades of blue. Except for Jaisy. By day, she explores farther down the mountain. By night, she’s plaguedContinue reading “Book Review: Castle of Blue Stones”

Book Review: Delta

Title: Delta (Echoes of New York #1) Author: Jordan Elizabeth Narrator: Danae Bianes Link:   Summary Lottie Madison has an almost idyllic life in Delta, until the state decides to destroy the village to create a reservoir. As friends and neighbors move away, their houses are reduced to rubble. Lottie’s parents hang on, convincedContinue reading “Book Review: Delta”

Book Review: Lucid Screams

Title: Lucid Screams Author: Red Lagoe Link:   Summary Mythical creatures, inner demons, and fear are a few forms in which monsters present themselves. When confronted by such savage beasts, the vulnerability of humanity is often exposed. Will we rise above, or will we succumb to our inevitable demise? These sixteen horror stories byContinue reading “Book Review: Lucid Screams”

Book Review: A Matter of Time

Title: A Matter of Time Author: Michael J. Bowler Narrator: Aaron Landon Link:   Summary What is your destiny? This question haunts 20-year-old Jamie Collins. A junior at Santa Clara University in 1986, Jamie has friends, a professor who mentors him, and a promising future as a writer. Then the dreams begin – nightmarishContinue reading “Book Review: A Matter of Time”

Book Review: Haze

Title: Haze Author: Rebecca Crunden Link:   Summary When Eliza Owens gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a girl she’s never met, she doesn’t know what to think. The girl introduces herself as Paige, and says she used to date Erik Stern, Eliza’s fiancé. What’s more, she has somethingContinue reading “Book Review: Haze”