Revenant Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Revenant by Majanka Verstraete Had he noticed me glaring at him? I should look away, turn back to the phone sitting on my lap, or the book I’d ditched on the empty spot next to me. Don’t make him see you. It was one of my first rules. Author Bio Majanka Verstraete studied law andContinue reading “Revenant Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Daughter of Darkness Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Daughter of Darkness by L.L. Hunter When you have the most dangerous ability in the universe, nowhere is safe. Being related to one of the most powerful Nephilim families in the universe has its perks… and its curses. Ebony is the daughter of Eden and Asher and should have the worlds at her feet. ButContinue reading “Daughter of Darkness Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Little Gold Locket Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Little Gold Locket by Scarlet Le Clair It was a childish endeavour. Not quite a dare, but a challenge nonetheless between four friends. Were they brave enough to take a boat out to the island in the lake? The stories were just there to scare people, ghost stories, frightening, but just stories. Or so theyContinue reading “Little Gold Locket Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

My Dead Life Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

My Dead Life by Erin Lee Caskets are like shoes. They come in every shape, form, material and color too. Copper, stainless steel, cherry, oak, walnut and even mahogany. Hell, there’s even an 18th century vintage-style casket option for the rare goth-inclined woman who hopes to rest eternally in a silky tiger print lined box.Continue reading “My Dead Life Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Dead Men Rising Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Dead Men Rising by Amber Garr Cressa Ravensdale deserved a break. After raising an army of the dead to protect those she loved, Cressa had hoped she could spend a little time away from the scrutiny of being a Magic User and steal a few moments alone with her phoenix, Noah. But the Imperium hasContinue reading “Dead Men Rising Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Cursed Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Cursed by Ashlee Sinn JT Corwin has it all. The name, the wealth, the privilege of being one of the most eligible bachelors in New England. He has everything except what he craves most…love. Between his missing father, abrasive mother, and a slew of meaningless relationships, JT is tired of being an empty shell. SoContinue reading “Cursed Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two by Judith Holstrom Once you enter the Henley Mansion you never really leave. Drew Anderson had to relive her time in the Henley Mansion in order to help demolition constracter, Stanley, flatten this evil brooding house. Going back to her teenage years brought up memories of lost friends and wokContinue reading “Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Chimera Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Chimera by Lea Cherry Camping in the supposed haunted forest on Halloween.What could go wrong? Author Bio Lea Cherry can be seen as a dual identity of her true form Leandri Geldenhuys. Even though Lea Cherry is an alter ego, she still managed to write her novel The Rose of Cavendish, which was published inContinue reading “Chimera Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Still Breathing In My Dreams Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Still Breathing In My Dreams by Jennifer Fisch – Ferguson Author Bio Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson (Author JFF) lives in Michigan where she does all the things writing. She is busy engaging in academic endeavors and also spends plenty of time writing all the time about her characters and their many adventures. She spends her free timeContinue reading “Still Breathing In My Dreams Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”