Book Review: The Lost Girl of Neverland

Title: The Lost Girl of Neverland (Neverland in Chaos #1) Author: J.B. Trepagnier Link: Summary Peter Pan is an arrogant little wanker Sorry, not sorry, you’d say it too if you’d ever been to Neverland. I know the big story is that Wendy Darling is the first girl to end up on Neverland becauseContinue reading “Book Review: The Lost Girl of Neverland”

Book Review: How to Break a Curse in Five Simple Steps

Title: How to Break a Curse in Five Simple Steps (The Witch of Hollow Woods Book #2) Author: JB Trepagnier Link: Summary A witch curse is a hell of a thing to deal with when you’re immortal Nice to meet you. My name is Catarina Ash. You’ve probably read about me. Wife of BathContinue reading “Book Review: How to Break a Curse in Five Simple Steps”

Book Review: My Cat is the Antichrist

Title: My Cat is the AntiChrist: A Dark Reverse Harem Novel Author: JB Trepagnier Link: Summary Never trust demonic looking hairless cats that walk around the house in little handmade sweaters After a lifetime in the foster care system, at twenty-six, I received a strange visit. Okay, I may have made it weird answeringContinue reading “Book Review: My Cat is the Antichrist”

Book Review: The Sapphire Scythe

Title:The Sapphire Scythe (The Order of the Red Shadow #1) Author:JB Trepaigner Link: Summary Born in battle, my birth brought peace. But peace is boring and so is the warlock I’m betrothed to. Real Name: Aria Emanuele Code Name: The Sapphire Scythe Supe Status: First vampire/Succubus hybrid. Heir to the Aeternae clan. Military status: Top spy and assassin forContinue reading “Book Review: The Sapphire Scythe”