Book Review: The Line

Title: The Line Author: William Galaini Link: Summary Suspended in the nothing between timelines, the station Janus is an unseen marvel: the greatest technological achievement in human innovation. From Janus, Gustavo and his hand-selected team of historians and engineers venture into the past and observe history, unseen and unnoticed. But they are not alone.Continue reading “Book Review: The Line”

Book Review: Vortexes

Title: Vortexes Author: Holly Barbo Link: Summary “[feels] like an action adventure movie!”  A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando’s country. A totalitarian regime with no tolerance for deviation has marginalized thousands. Neither physical exceptionality nor freedom of thought has a place. All is conformity. But Maya doesn’t conform,Continue reading “Book Review: Vortexes”

Book Review: Shattered Dreams (Light in the Dark #1)

Title: Shattered Dreams (Light in the Dark #1) Author: Ulff Lehmann Link: Summary: SHATTERED DREAMS is a deep, rich, layered high fantasy, the beginning of an epic that will be well worth following for years to come. Looming menace, thoughtful worldbuilding; a winner! –Ed Greenwood (NYTimes bestselling fantasy writer) Friedrich Nietzsche said that ifContinue reading “Book Review: Shattered Dreams (Light in the Dark #1)”