Flirting with Death is Available Now!

Out now!Flirting with Death by Kayla KrantzA horror shorts collectionAvailable for #free with Kindle Unlimited! Enter if you dare… A woman who stays alive by killing others. Truth or Dare on the Dark Web. Mystery boxes filled with malevolent spirits. A vampire who hunts to keep his human sweetheart healthy. Monsters lurking in everyContinue reading “Flirting with Death is Available Now!”

Book Review: Truthtelling

Title: Truthtelling: Stories, Fables, Glimpses Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz Link: Summary “A grab bag of realist and experimental stories, each one a treasure . . . Wise, wry, and witty—theses stories in all their stylistic variations are perfect.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review A man generously lends his car to his ex-wife, and is bewildered when she not only neglectsContinue reading “Book Review: Truthtelling”

Book Review: Collective Darkness

Title: Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology Authors: K.R. Patterson, Brandon Prows, Edward Suggs, Becca Rose, B.Todd Orgill, Austin Slade Perry, Chris Jorgensen, Elizabeth Suggs, Jonathan Reddoch, Jen Ellwyn, Samuel Smith, Alex Child Link: Summary  As a child, did you hide under your blankets when you were scared of the dark?After reading some of theContinue reading “Book Review: Collective Darkness”

Book Review: For a Chance

Title: For a Chance (A Cursed Watches Short Story 1.5) Author: Andreea Pryde Link: Summary When I hold her, she blushes.When I kiss her, she melts into my arms.When I touch her, she answers with the same fire, just for moments later to run away.She tells me she’s busy, but I know it’s moreContinue reading “Book Review: For a Chance”

Book Review: Darkness in the Light

Title: Darkness in the Light Author: Ran Yunger Link: Summary From the creator of “Dreams of a Mentally Ill” comes a new set of horror stories and nightmares. If you thought the previous book was shocking, you haven’t seen anything yet! So sit calmly, turn off the lights and dive deeper into the darkness.Continue reading “Book Review: Darkness in the Light”

Book Review: Coffee at Midnight

Title: Coffee at Midnight Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Michael Butler Link: Summary The clock strikes 12:00. A full moon hangs beyond the windowpane as the fireplace flickers and pops. Time to curl up in your favorite easy chair with a steaming mug and a cozy blanket. It’s going to be a long night. FollowContinue reading “Book Review: Coffee at Midnight”

Book Review: Leash and Other Short Horror Stories

Title: Leash and Other Short Horror Stories Author: Brett Schumacher Narrator: Brett Schumacher Link: Summary From Creepy Ghost Stories YouTube channel narrator and writer Brett Schumacher. Leash and Other Short Horror Stories is a horror anthology of 13 short, creepy, scary, and sometimes gruesome monster stories. These hair-raising stories will make your mind tingle andContinue reading “Book Review: Leash and Other Short Horror Stories”

Book Review: Beginnings and Endings

Title: Beginnings and Endings Author: Jane Suen Narrator: Andi Arndr, Marni Penning, and Stephen Graybill Link: Summary Life never turns out like you expected…. A weekly ritual that turns into the surprise of all time; an accident that has a devastating effect on two lives in different ways; and a father’s heartfelt journey toContinue reading “Book Review: Beginnings and Endings”

Book Review: The Goblin Gauntlet

Title: The Goblin Gauntlet Author: Gwendoline Rose Link: Summary “One maiden endures the maze. The monster lifts the haze.” It is said that only a maiden pure of body, heart, and soul can solve the maze beyond the goblin ring, freeing the village of its curse. Against the wishes of her mother, and muchContinue reading “Book Review: The Goblin Gauntlet”