Book Review: Soup

Title: Soup Author: Kate DeJonge Link: Summary Ashley McCormack was brutally abused as a child, but she’s found a way to thrive as the sadistic Assistant Coroner at the City of Changusay morgue. Convicts from a nearby maximum security prison get shanked on a regular basis, and Ashley loves to play with their remains,Continue reading “Book Review: Soup”

Book Review: Progressive Entrapment

Title: Progressive Entrapment Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Michael Butler Link: Summary It begins as innocent fun. Tempting, enchanting…even, at times, sweet. It doesn’t take long, however, before things change. You feel yourself being lured. A haunting – or haunted – voice whispers your name in the darkest of hours. Seduces you. Entices you. BeckonsContinue reading “Book Review: Progressive Entrapment”

Book Review: Behind the Scenes

Title: Behind the Scenes Author: Punam Farmah Link: Summary A book of two halves sits before you. In the first half, what happens to the characters from the author’s novels when you aren’t reading them; what is the rest of their story? See what happens with Gorbind Phalla after the romance of Kangana. DevanContinue reading “Book Review: Behind the Scenes”

Book Review: The Rose Man

Title: The Rose Man (Single Short Story Series #12) Author: Terry M. West Narrator: Andrew Start Link:   Summary It’s 1987. Dane Morrison, a middle-aged ad agency sales rep, meets an enigmatic street rose salesman during a hot summer in Houston, Texas. As Dane learns more about the rose man, Dane’s dreams and realityContinue reading “Book Review: The Rose Man”

Book Review: Blood Butterflies

Title: Blood Butterflies Author: TC English Narrator: Lisa Van Der Wilt Link:   Summary April Cooper is a young girl about to enjoy her last summer before entering high school and plans of having the summer of her life. This all changes when an ancient evil beckons her to do its duty. All thatContinue reading “Book Review: Blood Butterflies”

Book Review: A Review to Die For

Title: A Review to Die For: A Novelette (The Karen Carter Series #3) Author: R.E. Sargent Link: Summary Jealousy. Betrayal. Murder. Jessica Nichols wanted it all, but the only way for her to have it was to kill the one person she most admired, taking over her life in the process. Her newfound careerContinue reading “Book Review: A Review to Die For”

Book Review: Fear

Title: Fear (A Third Collection of Horror Short Stories) Author: Lee Jones Narrator: Aubrey Parsons Link: Summary Three short stories appear in this final book in the Fear trilogy.  “The Vampire Hunter” takes place in London in the Victorian era during a steampunk alternate universe. Vampires are killing humans at an alarming rate, andContinue reading “Book Review: Fear”

Book Review: Flamingoes in Orbit

Title: Flamingoes in Orbit Author: Philip Ridley Link: Summary A teenager stares at his reflection and sees the Milky Way. A motorbike prowls and growls like a wild animal. A whale sings a song to end loneliness. Philip Ridley’s collection of short stories – like his two adult novels, Crocodilia and In the Eyes of Mr Fury –Continue reading “Book Review: Flamingoes in Orbit”

Book Review: A Perfect Memory

Title: A Perfect Memory: A Short Horror Story Author: Dona Fox Link: Summary I am going to die here. My name is Mindy Mason; I’m a student from the University. I volunteered for one experiment; it was to be for one day only. I want to go home now. I hear cries, screams, andContinue reading “Book Review: A Perfect Memory”