<3 The Elemental Coven is Free on Amazon! <3

The Elemental Coven is Free on Amazon… Today (9/20) through Saturday (9/22)! Pick up your copy now! Summary: With the Land of Five being systematically torn apart by war, Ignis witch, Lilith Lace, has a number of problems before her. Captured in the Battle of Ignis by The Elemental Coven, she must deal with the recentContinue reading “<3 The Elemental Coven is Free on Amazon! <3”

The Elemental Coven Launches Today!

Hi, everyone! So, today’s the day! The Elemental Coven has launched on Amazon!   Be sure to join me for the launch party on Facebook starting at 8:30 AM CST. There will be an awesome lineup of authors talking about their books, playing games, and hosting giveaways. Join in the fun! https://www.facebook.com/events/1899090893716250/   A tinyContinue reading “The Elemental Coven Launches Today!”

The Elemental Coven is Available for Preorder!

My wounds are nothing. If I live long enough, they’ll heal just fine. Only one pain truly matters, a scar I never see healing—Helena’s death. The highly anticipated second installment of the Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy, The Elemental Coven, is now available for pre-order for $1.99. Also, if anyone would like to help me get out theContinue reading “The Elemental Coven is Available for Preorder!”

The Elemental Coven Official Release Date and Other News

Hi, everyone! A lot of you have been wondering about when The Elemental Coven (Book Two of the Witch’s Ambitions series) would launch and I’m happy to say that I have the answer! The book will launch on August 15th, 2018. Preorders will begin in about two weeks. In the meantime, be sure to checkContinue reading “The Elemental Coven Official Release Date and Other News”

The Elemental Coven (Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy Book #2) Update!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you all know the progress I am making on the Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy. I’ve already given this update out my Facebook but for those of you who don’t know, The Elemental Coven is reaching completion of its first draft. I haveContinue reading “The Elemental Coven (Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy Book #2) Update!”

Excerpt of The Elemental Coven

For those of you waiting for updates about The Elemental Coven, I’m happy to announce that it’s in the works. I’m about halfway through the first draft and to celebrate, I wanted to share a short excerpt with you today. The anticipated release date is January 2019 though I will most likely be looking forContinue reading “Excerpt of The Elemental Coven”