Book Review: Carnival of Dead Girls

Title: Carnival of Dead Girls (Flocksdale Files #3) Author: Carissa Ann Lynch Narrator: Samantha Desz Link: Summary When a traveling carnival stops in the sleepy countryside, sixteen-year-old Josie Crowley is psyched to go with her new friend, Freya. But what started out as a fun-filled night of games, candied apples, and ferris wheel ridesContinue reading “Book Review: Carnival of Dead Girls”

Book Review: House of the Lost Girls

Title: House of the Lost Girls (Flocksdale Files #2) Author: Carissa Ann Lynch Narrator: Samantha Desz Link: Summary Flocksdale has an evil, ugly past-and history has a way of repeating itself . . . Not only did her father abandon her five years ago, now Seventeen-year-old Marianna Bertagnoli is being uprooted and forced toContinue reading “Book Review: House of the Lost Girls”

Book Review: Have You Seen This Girl?

Title: Have You Seen This Girl (Flocksdale Files #1) Author: Carissa Ann Lynch Narrator: Samantha Desz Link: Summary Wendi Wise is a troubled young woman who snorts her breakfast through a straw and spends more time in rehab than in the real world . . . Her life is seemingly out of control. ButContinue reading “Book Review: Have You Seen This Girl?”

Book Review: Caught

Title: Caught (Oneiros Log #1) Author: M.L.S. Weech Narrator: Shawn Compton Link: Summary Nothing is at all what it seems, and for four strangers, they’ll have to discover why before they’re driven over the edge of madness. Within them are the keys to free themselves. They’ll need to traverse a landscape of horrors andContinue reading “Book Review: Caught”

Book Review: Dark Web of Dreams

Title: Dark Web of Dreams Author: Lyn Morgan, Debi King Narrator: Anthony Lee Link: Summary What happens when dreams become a dark web of reality?  Dana Boniface finds herself caught in what should have been a fairy tale marriage with her very rich, extremely controlling husband, Max. Max Boniface is the billionaire owner ofContinue reading “Book Review: Dark Web of Dreams”

Book Review: The Rose

Title: The Rose Author: P.D. Alleva Link: Summary A masterful, dystopian science fiction thriller of, telepathic evil greys, mysterious rebellion, martial arts, and Alien Vampires. Sandy Cox believed WWIII was over. But for those Alien Vampires, War Has Just Begun. Forty-eight hours after a World War III treaty is signed, Sandy Cox awakens inContinue reading “Book Review: The Rose”

What I Did is now Live!

I am so excited to announce that launch day for What I Did is officially here. For those of you who don’t know, What I Did is my first standalone novel as well as my first attempt at writing a purely psychological thriller piece. As a reader, these are my favorite kinds of books to devour, and I’veContinue reading “What I Did is now Live!”

Book Review: Final Notice

Title: Final Notice (Final Series #1) Author: Van Fleisher Narrator: Chris Koprowski Link: Summary What would you do if you knew – for certain – that you had one week to live? Some would get their legal affairs in order. Others would contact family, friends, lovers, ex-lovers. Some might take a trip or makeContinue reading “Book Review: Final Notice”