Book Review: True Crime Stories Volume 12

Title: True Crime Stories Volume 12 Author: Jack Rosewood Narrator: Kevin Kollins Link: Summary In the following book you will be introduced to twelve shocking true crime cases that will keep you engaged as you become disturbed by the depths of the depravity some of these criminals have demonstrated. These 12 cases cover 100Continue reading “Book Review: True Crime Stories Volume 12”

Book Review: Serial Killers True Crime Box Set

Title: ┬áSerial Killers True Crime Box Set Author: Jack Rosewood, Dwayne Walker, Rebecca Lo Narrator: Miles Taylor, Herschel J Grangent Jr. Link: Summary In the very depths of the human soul there is a darkness. It is an entity which most of us may never get to know; for others, however, this darkness growsContinue reading “Book Review: Serial Killers True Crime Box Set”

Book Review: Obeying Evil

Title: Obeying Evil: The Mockingbird Hill Massacre through the Eyes of a Killer Author: Ryan Green Narrator: Steve White Link: Summary Obeying Evil presents the shocking true story of Ronald Gene Simmons and the most disturbing family killing spree in the United States. Over the course of a week in 1987, he murdered 14 membersContinue reading “Book Review: Obeying Evil”

Book Review: True Crime 2018

Title: True Crime: Homicide & True Crime Stories of 2018 (Annual True Crime Anthology #3) Author: Jack Rosewood & Rebecca Lo Narrator: Kevin Kollins Link: Summary Murder, terrorism, and mass killings were prominent in the news for 2018, and in this true crime anthology, you will find the cases that made international headlines fromContinue reading “Book Review: True Crime 2018”