Book Review: Girl of Glass

Title: Girl of Glass Author: Megan O-Russell Narrator: Claire Duncan Link: Summary Two worlds. One glass wall. No turning back. The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the safety of the domes, watching through their glass walls as those left on the outside suffer and die. But desperation has broughtContinue reading “Book Review: Girl of Glass”

Book Review: Awakening

Title: Awakening (The Transitioning Series #1) Author: Jordan Leger Link:   Summary Have you ever heard the saying, ‘when a wolf knocks at your door, beware?’ Or ‘keep the wolves at bay?’ Well, what if one finds you hurt and disoriented in the middle of nowhere, then decides to keep you? Is there aContinue reading “Book Review: Awakening”

Book Review: In Sheep’s Clothing

Title: In Sheep’s Clothing Author: Lee J. Minter Narrator: Henry Schrader Link:   Summary Something deadly is stalking and killing the residents one by one in a small town. Is it man, beast or both? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain, time is running out as the body count andContinue reading “Book Review: In Sheep’s Clothing”

Book Review: The Gravedigger

Title: The Gravedigger (Lord Impaler Series #2) Author: A.D. Wayne Link: Summary Clémentine Lyons is determined to prove the existence of monsters, including vampires to the masses. In her attempts, she found herself face to face with her all-time hero, the Impaler. Quickly, Clémentine is brought neck deep in the horror of what itContinue reading “Book Review: The Gravedigger”

Book Review: Feral (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2)

Title: Feral: Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2 Author: Lucretia Stanhope Link:     Summary Why are werewolves going missing? When a frustrated alpha requests the aid of the Paranormal Peacekeepers, a new partnership is formed. Alice and Amarok are assigned to get in and get answers before the pack problems bleed into the lives ofContinue reading “Book Review: Feral (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2)”

Book Review: WULF (Elemental MC #1)

Title: WULF (Elemental MC #1) Author: Alexi Ferreira Link:     Summary Jas I have always felt like I didn’t belong. Until I met Wulf. He takes me away from everything I know and introduces me to a life that I never expected. Now instead of being alone I have the whole MC asContinue reading “Book Review: WULF (Elemental MC #1)”

Book Review: Mated to the Werewolf King (King Series #1)

Title: Mated to the Werewolf King Author: Alena Des Link:   Summary As war looms between the two species, the Demon Lord is determined to find Annabelle – little does she know, the truth behind his sinister actions is about to unravel. When Annabelle discovers that she is not the true daughter of theContinue reading “Book Review: Mated to the Werewolf King (King Series #1)”

Blood Moon Updates!

Hello, everyone! Blood Moon launches in exactly one month! While the kindle edition is available for preorder now, the paperback will be ready on Amazon in a few days. I’ll be sure to pass along the links as soon as I have them 🙂 Summary: Trapped. What could be a worse feeling than that? AfterContinue reading “Blood Moon Updates!”

Book Review: Paris Moon (The Kloe & Gavin Adventures Book 1)

Title: Paris Moon (The Kloe & Gavin Adventures Book 1) Author: Sondra Hicks Link:   Summary Kloe and Gavin have decided to see the world and first stop is Paris, France. As they start their journey they find other vampires and werewolves are not as accepting of their relationship as their family was. AsContinue reading “Book Review: Paris Moon (The Kloe & Gavin Adventures Book 1)”