Acid Rain

Acid Rain (Blood Moon Trilogy #2)

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Everyone has their demons. Unfortunately for Samantha Lesia, hers come in the form of her old friend, Clyde Harris. After being left behind on Luxury Island, a place of nightmare creatures, he’s found his way back to the mainland. Caught between the spell he’s cast on her and her infatuation for her friend, Lance, Sam finds herself in a new dilemma.

As the number of local murders rises, Sam’s and Lance’s secrets are at risk of being exposed. With the help of a blossoming young witch, Sam and Lance must find a way to stop Clyde once and for all before his new thirst for blood condemns them all to death.


“We’re not alone,” he said.

Chills prickled Sam’s skin, anxiety balling in her stomach again. She looked at her wrist, at the crescent scar, and tried to calm her breathing. Then, he was there, standing in the early morning sunlight. Lance growled on reflex, but Sam had no reaction. Her initial move was fear, it was the most logical after all, but when she glanced into his eyes, all she could remember was her friend, and it hurt to be so distant.

She took one step forward, and Clyde moved the rest of the way. Just when he was about to close the distance, Lance took a step ahead of Sam, holding his hand out to keep Clyde at bay. “That’s close enough.”

Clyde pulled his lip back into a sneer but directed his question at Sam. “I’d ask if you’re here for me, but your guard dog answers that question.”

Sam pursed her lips, not wanting to cry, not wanting to show the slightest bit of weakness. While this creature looked like the Clyde she had once adored, she was once again faced with the fact that he wasn’t. He was somebody else and that person was a monster.

“Clyde,” she choked out.

A bitter sarcastic smile crossed his face, and he clasped his hands together. “Yes? Yes, Samantha?”

She opened her mouth, but when she looked into his eyes again, she couldn’t form a word. She ducked her gaze, and Lance sensed that she was on the verge of breaking down completely.

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