Blood Moon

Blood Moon (Blood Moon Trilogy #1)

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What could be a worse feeling than that?

After 18-year-old Sam gets an invitation for a free vacation in the mail, she hops on the opportunity despite her mother’s pleas not to go. With the realization that her best friends have all been invited as well, she’s sure she made the right choice. Once they board the fancy cruise ship however, things aren’t as luxurious as they had seemed.

Passengers start to disappear and once the ship lands on a deserted island, Sam and her friends are left on their own to figure out why. Faced with a deadly predicament, they have to learn to survive amid a mass of nightmare creatures all out for the taste of her blood. With the help of a handsome yet suspicious island native, Sam must figure out how to get back to the mainland before she’s trapped on the island forever.


It’s always something, she thought bitterly.

Lance set his head on her shoulder, and she wondered how he felt about the situation they were in…and about her. Did he want her to leave so he wouldn’t have to look after her anymore? Or was he as worried as Sam that Craig could die?

“Are you still tired?” he asked, voice breaking into her thoughts.

“Yeah,” she said. Even if it was a lie, it was the easiest answer she could fathom.

“Well, you might as well rest a bit longer,” he said.

Sam looked at him. “I don’t want to sleep,” she blurted out then bit her lip. What she didn’t want to admit was that she didn’t want to sleep through what could be her last bit of time with him.

He quirked a confused eyebrow. For a minute, she thought he would ask why she didn’t want to, but then she spotted the look of understanding in his eyes. Did he feel the same way about her?  Silently, they sat holding each other in the freezing rain. Sam didn’t want to go but the situation was out of her hands once again. She clutched onto Lance just a little tighter and the idea of home seemed like just a distant, foreign concept. Suddenly, she didn’t care if she ever made it back.

Home was right there with Lance.

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