The Elemental Coven


The Elemental Coven: The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy Book Two

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Held by the Enemy in a Land Far, Far Away…

The Land of Five is being systematically torn apart by war, and witch Lilith Lace has a number of problems. First—having been captured in the Battle of Ignis by the Elemental Coven, she’s now being held… well, she really has no idea where, so getting back home again is going to be hard, if not outright impossible.

Especially since she has to cope with the deaths of everyone she’s ever loved while being held captive.

Unable to decide between escape and giving up completely, Lilith is presented with a new challenge when she learns that the infamous rouge witch, Willow, is not only alive and well but played a larger role in Lilith’s childhood accident than she ever imagined.

Everything Lilith’s ever known is in flux. Friends are becoming enemies and enemies are becoming friends. Will Lilith finally get to the bottom of her past among the ranks of the Elemental Coven, or will she instead get hurt worse than anything she’s encountered so far?

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