An older blog post, but I still enjoy it 🙂

Viviana MacKade

Hi all,

today I have the pleasure to meet up with Chance Welfrey from the Rituals of the Night Series.
Paranormal trickery, slasher horror, and suspenseful obsession, the Rituals of the Night Series tells the harrowing tale of Luna and Chance and what can happen when desire oversees reason.

61XJ2uoGH7L._SY346_Hi Chance, and thank you for being here. Have you ever had a nickname?

Never had my own nickname but I always imagined if I did it would be something short and mysterious like ‘X’.


I do believe this one best stays blank.

I won’t push, then. Are you happy about your life?

Are any of us?

Fair point. Do you try to change something about it?

I work every day against the odds to try and better improve my life, to acquire the things that I feel I’m missing. I’d be crazy not to, right?

Have you ever thought your life…

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