Title: Break the Night

Author: Anne Stuart

Narrator: Caroline McLaughlin

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/Break-the-Night-Audiobook/B0773RBF1K


What if Jack the Ripper never died?

As the skies turn red over Los Angeles, Jack the Ripper roams once more. Saucy Jack is back, and women are dying. Caught up in the case, artist Lizzie Stride, whose custom masks are being used in the Ripper murders, is haunted by dreams of the crimes. And even more disturbing? Her name is identical to a victim from 1888. J. R. Damien, a newspaper reporter, is likewise haunted by dreams of the murders, dreams vivid with details only the Ripper could know. Details that later prove true. When he meets Lizzie, he knows something else only the real Ripper would know-she’s the next victim. Or will be if he doesn’t stop Jack, even if that means stopping himself. Does reincarnation really exist? Are Lizzie and Damien doomed to play out the same hideous dance of death from more than a century ago in the streets of London? And why is he unable to resist Lizzie? Why are they compelled to confront the fierce passion between them?In a struggle between love and death, which will prevail?

My Review

5/5 Stars

Love. Murder. Darkness.

This book has suspense around every corner.

When a mask maker’s masks are used in a bizarre killing spree, she goes on a quest to try and gather up her masks, stopping the killer before the murders become too many. What she learns, however, is a deep dark secret that puts her right in the line of fire.

The overlapping themes in this book made it unique. While it is a murder mystery, it is also a story of second chances and growth.

The narration was perfect.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.